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Hope College
Hope College Nursing Emblem The emblem is symbolic of central themes to the college and nursing program. To be anchored is to be secure in a sound place. Hope College Nursing is an anchor for life, an opportunity to be prepared in knowledge, skills, character, and spirit for all that a future nursing career may offer. Anchor: * Inspired by college founder, Van Raalte * College described as the "anchor of hope" for the community * Depicts nursing's community-based theme Cross: * Foundational, permeating Christian context College motto, Spera in Deo: * Means Hope in God * Psalm 42:5. Rope (surrounding the emblem): * The rope of an anchor * A rope that binds together for a purpose Shield: * Strength and protection

The Order Deadline Date is Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

Engraving:  Engraving is included in the pin price and includes three initials and the year. Example: JLD 2018. Please enter three initials and year in the boxes provided.

Late Orders: Orders placed after the March 28th, 2018 deadline are late orders and will be shipped to the student’s home at their expense. Late orders are not guaranteed to arrive prior to the ceremony date.

Bart Hansen
1-800-253-0882, ext. 3082